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I'm a VC obsessed with survival games.


i also like to Dabble in floristry.

SOME Amazing companies I've worked with

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9 years ago, I helped launch an award-winning brand with a Hollywood celebrity following, all from my boss's dining table. 

Since then I've worked on growth and PR at organisations large (like the Singapore Economic Development Board), and small. From industries like healthcare (Homage) to video games (Mighty Bear Games). 

4 years ago, I burnt out, badly. 


I rested and meditated but turns out you can't meditate burnout away. Meditation did somehow lead me to my 'Year of Yes'. I gave myself one year to say 'yes' to anything and try new things!

Product management? Sure, why the hell not?

VC?  Yes, count me in! 


By day, I'm a VC at Play Ventures, the world's leading early stage gaming VC.

We invest globally into the most promising pre-seed/seed stage gaming startups.


Much of my energy is spent on trying to find the best teams to invest in, supporting our portfolio companies, managing communications with LPs, leading Play's diversity and inclusion initiatives, and tackling my nemesis - paperwork. 

By night, I consult on growth and PR, and practise floristry.

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